What's a good bathroom shelf?


The shelf is convenient for us to reorganize and place […]

The shelf is convenient for us to reorganize and place all kinds of daily necessities. It's good for taking living things and finding them easily. At the same time, it can make the home environment more orderly, clean and comfortable.

Type of rack: (1) towel rack: generally installed above the toilet, double-layer structure, used to place laundry and hang towels. (2) Platform shelf: it is generally installed above or on the side of the wash basin, and it is used to store personal belongings or cosmetics, away from splashing water. It is installed on the wall to place decorative green plants, etc. (3) Single layer or double layer storage basket: generally installed in the shower area of the bathroom, where shampoo and other bath products are placed. Mainly with holes or mesh structure, convenient for ventilation and drainage.

Anti rust, long-term wet dada bathroom environment, metal easy to rust, so the first choice of corrosion-resistant, non rust materials. Mainly copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy and other materials, can choose different price products according to the actual situation, 2. Powerful storage function. The bathroom space is small and there are many kinds of daily necessities. In addition to the bathroom cabinet, the shelf can better help the daily necessities to be collected and sorted. It can be installed in corresponding position according to different bathroom size and living habits.