What is the material of the dining table and chair


1. Marble family table and chair: marble table and chai […]

1. Marble family table and chair: marble table and chair are high-end tables, which are divided into natural marble and artificial marble. Natural marble table is elegant and beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive, and it is not easy to maintain. Artificial marble table has high density, oil pollution is not easy to penetrate, and cleaning is easy.
2. Plastic family table and chair: colorful, changeable in shape and price, it is the dish of young people.
3. Solid wood family table and chair: solid wood table and chair have natural, environmental protection, healthy natural and original beauty. It emphasizes the combination of simple structure and comfortable function, and is suitable for simple and fashionable household style. Now, if the wooden table and chair are pure solid wood, they are expensive, and they are all high-end products, even products. Generally, people buy plate tables and chairs, which look like solid wood on the surface, but the price.
4. Steel wood family dining table chair: it is a common dining table chair at present, which is mainly made of steel pipe, wooden support and glass table top. It is popular with consumers due to its fashionable shape, smooth lines and price.