Wall shelf installation


The first is: convenience and practicability, the insta […]

The first is: convenience and practicability, the installation of shelves must take into account the overall planning and the needs of our daily life to install, commonly used, in the kitchen to consider the convenience of cooking will be used to install the position is certainly not far from where we cook, in other words, water is where we can reach, not commonly used we can install or Leave it in the vacant part of the kitchen.
In the bathroom, the shelf is mostly used in the shower room, how to use the shower room at home rather than isolation, it is not necessary to consider the use of shelf. When using the isolated shower room, when installing the shelf, we should consider how many things I put and the position of application. Stainless steel shelf
The second is: frugal space, kitchen and bathroom in our family is a relatively small place, so the installation of shelves must be frugal space, reasonable use of our space status.
Third, the classification is clear, when installing shelves in the kitchen, we should take into account the classification of kitchen utensils. There are many kinds of shelves in the market, such as what kind of cutter shelves, shelves for spices, drainage shelves (important is shelving dishes), and so on, and install them in a reasonable position according to their different categories. Drainage rack can be installed next to the sink, tool rack can be installed in the corner of the stove, condiment rack is installed in the place close to our stir-fried vegetables.
The same is true in bathroom. You should consider what you want to put in your bathroom, such as shampoo, conditioner, etc.
Understanding the installation of the wall shelf matters needing attention, Xiaobian asked the installation master to inform us how to install the shelf.
1. To measure well, a pencil should be used to mark the fixed position.
2. Drill holes with electric drills and fix the shelf with screw and shrinkage nail.
How to install the shelf on the wall is not very simple, the most important thing is to install the shelf to consider the issue.