The function of corridor anti-collision handrail


Function of corridor anti-collision handrail: 1. Variou […]

Function of corridor anti-collision handrail:
1. Various colors and types can meet the environmental requirements of various styles
2. PVC and ABS high polymer exterior decoration is selected, with fine particles, compact density, antiseptic, antibacterial, firm, beautiful and useful
3. The handrail part of the anti-collision handrail shall meet the requirements of human mechanics, and the handrail shall have a comfortable and reasonable arc
4. The inner core is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, not rusty, and the design is firm and reasonable. The anti-collision armrest really plays a role in anti-collision.
5. The elbow support is made of ABS material, which is pressed and molded as a whole. It is in the same plane with the plane plate to prevent large joints, so as to achieve a beautiful and easy cleaning effect
1. The handrail is made of high polymer exterior decoration: PVC, ABS, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti falling wall, solid, beautiful and practical
2. The device is easy to maintain, convenient to maintain and durable
3. It has various color types and can meet the needs of handrails in any place
4. The anti-collision handrail has the characteristics of flame-retardant, antibacterial and simple modeling
5. Professional design, firmness and rationality of high-quality aluminum alloy for inner core