The characteristics and application of the rack


The characteristics of the rack: a, flexible and variab […]

The characteristics of the rack:
a, flexible and variable: the pillar has a groove every inch, you can adjust the height of the mesh (increase per inch). Can be combined according to actual needs, can be freely extended to the left and right (same width) or freely connected forward and backward (same length). Plus a variety of accessories, can be combined into a variety of functional products, such as the V-hook, light tube, can be combined into a hanger; plus the direction handle, wheels, can be combined into a dining car or cart; plus separator Side panels can be combined into bookshelves and so on.
b. Unique structure: It is made of carbon steel chrome mesh and pillars. Its unique shape structure, smart design, easy loading and unloading, clean and bright, strong carbon steel chrome mesh can promote air circulation, reduce dust accumulation, open type The design makes the storage visible at a glance.
c, wide range of uses: product models, specifications are very complete, can be suitable for any space needs, can be composed of different types of products, such as kitchen series, living room series, bedroom series, study office series, as well as shopping malls, hotels, factories or household series , product display stand series, etc.
d. Extreme force: Each layer of micro-series can carry 50KG, and each layer of household series can carry 100-250KG.

Application of household shelves:
Home racks are an open product for racks in the home. Because of the variability of the racks, the height and width of the racks can be changed at will, and the utility in the family room is very practical. Coffee table in the living room, flower stand, bedroom bookcase, computer stand, shoe rack, toilet rack in the bathroom, washing machine rack, etc.