The balustrade is not only a nursing home, but also a kind of scenery


Spring is annoying and sleepless Moon Moving Flower Sha […]

Spring is annoying and sleepless
Moon Moving Flower Shadow on the Railing: Song Anshi's Spring Night

Ancient name is the trunk.
Also called the "hook"
It's a safety facility on a building or bridge.
It also has the function of guidance and separation.
There are many kinds of railings.
Like traditional stone railings and wooden railings
Recently, more popular glass balustrade, aluminum alloy balustrade, zinc steel balustrade and so on.
There are too many to enumerate.
Leave aside the categories
The railing is an important safety setting.
Height, dimension and strength of railings in our country
There are very strict requirements.
Bars are usually built on bridges or balconies.
To prevent accidents in adults or children
Choose carefully.
Of course
On the premise of practicality
Now the railings have both practical and beautiful features.
After all, a safe life still needs to be enjoyed.
Beautiful railings
It's always intimate.
Where is it?
Further danger
There will also be a sense of stability and security.
Where there is it
Probably a unique landscape.