Staircase material introduction


High-grade material 1. Material: The national standard […]

High-grade material
1. Material: The national standard Q-235A grade steel is used.
2, welding process: the use of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. (The welding point is uniform, the airtight performance is strong, and the firmness is good) The welding electrode.
Iron craft: Hand forged wrought iron.
3, surface treatment:
Hot dip galvanizing
Electrostatic spray: no need of thinner material, no pollution to the environment, no toxicity to the human body; excellent appearance of coating, strong adhesion and mechanical strength; short curing time of spray coating; high corrosion resistance and wear resistance of coating; Primer is required; the construction is simple, the technical requirements for the workers are low; the cost is lower than the painting process; some construction occasions have clearly stated that the electrostatic spray process must be used; the common flow phenomenon in the painting process does not occur during the electrostatic spray coating process.

Mid-range material
1. Material: Non-standard Q-220B grade steel is used.
2. Electric welding process: manual welding technology is adopted.
Iron craft: Most of them use cast iron or ordinary profiles.
3, surface treatment:
Cold galvanized or not galvanized.
Paints such as lighthouses produced in Tianjin and Wuxi are used.