Stainless steel workbench types and applications


Stainless steel workbench type Application site functio […]

Stainless steel workbench type
Application site function classification according to use
1, anti-static workbench: stainless steel plate is covered with green anti-static rubber, with conductive wire
2, clean workbench: applied to clean room, electronic workshop
3, laboratory workbench: applied to the laboratory, dustproof, anti-static
4, purification workbench: can purify the air, divided by the direction of the airflow, the existing ultra-clean workbench can be divided into vertical, from the inside out and sideways
5, the assembly line workbench: suitable for workshops, anti-static workshop operations.

Because the stainless steel workbench is made of good material, the price is not very expensive, and it can be applied universally. Therefore, all walks of life are generally used to meet the production needs of the workshop, and it is more adaptable to the addition of various accessories, which is humanized and greatly improves production. effectiveness. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of electrical and electronic, mechanical, chemical, electric power, aerospace, military, shipbuilding, transportation, building decoration and so on.