Solid wood and polymer stair railing


The solid wood stair handrails are made of solid wood. […]

The solid wood stair handrails are made of solid wood. The most commonly used solid wood handrail materials in China are beech, oak, rosewood, teak, sapele, scotch pine, etc. The shape of the solid wood stair handrail mainly includes mushroom shape, oval shape, round shape and square shape.
Solid wood stair railings are generally used in the railings of public places such as the hotel lobby or in conjunction with solid wood staircases. The wooden texture and touch of the solid wood staircase is not a substitute for other materials.

Polymer stair railings, commonly known as environmentally friendly wood and excellent wood, are new materials widely used in developed countries. This product is a breakthrough new material in the low carbon era. It is tougher, lower carbon and more powerful than everyday plastics and solid wood. Replaces traditional handrails such as wood, aluminum and stainless steel. It combines all the advantages of wood, but it also eliminates all kinds of bad solid wood products.
It has good processing performance, low manufacturing cost, corrosion resistance and insulation. With high strength, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, insulation and other properties. It has excellent flame retardancy and wear resistance. Natural texture, green safety, fresh and colorful, soft touch.