Simple description of shelf


Shelf The shelf is a shelf which uses the combination o […]

The shelf is a shelf which uses the combination of the bottom plate and the support to place debris. Supported by strip brackets and supported by the bottom plate, it has unique shape, smart design, simple handling, clean and bright, open design, so that the storage can be seen at a glance.
Because the shelf is more and more widely used in family life, many kinds of household goods are more and more, so we need a shelf which can be rectified and placed. The shelf design is very simple and generous, but also has dexterity, so it is very useful for the shelf, the key is that it is good for living things. You don't have to look very hard for it.

Storage rack is a kind of rack which uses the combination of floor and pillar to place debris. It is supported by strip support and supported by floor. It is unique in shape, smart in design, simple in loading and unloading, clean and bright, and open in design. It makes the storage visible at a glance and is a good helper to accommodate household and small items.