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Hanging racks adsorption racks bathroom kitchen storage […]

Hanging racks adsorption racks bathroom kitchen storage racks
1. Floor rack: refers to the rack placed on the ground, placed in the corner. I don't look at the wall, but the cabinet is easy to get wet, and the hygiene below is not clean.
2. Adsorption rack: refers to the rack that is attached to the wall and does not touch the ground. It is easy to care for hygiene, but it has high requirements on the wall and must be installed on the load-bearing wall surface, preferably a solid brick wall.

All the accessories in the bathroom can be said to have the finishing touch. It is not only necessary, but also has a lot of shapes. It is also the key to creating the taste of the bathroom space. However, it is still an old saying, and it is still possible to rely on the needs of life before paying attention to beauty. It is also useless.
1. Whether the base of the rack is firm and whether the push and pull is easy to shake.
2. Whether the material of the rack can not be spoiled in a humid environment, no deformation and no rust. Because the racks in the bathroom are in a humid environment for a long time, you need to choose materials that are not easily rusted and rotted. Stainless steel and alloy racks are available.
3. Whether the load-bearing weight of the rack is good, and whether the heavy objects will be deformed. The most fundamental thing about the rack is its ability to accept weight. Buyers need to purchase according to the actual weight of their storage.
4, pay attention to the matching, to match the layout of the three-piece bathroom set (bath, toilet, washbasin) to ensure the uniformity of the entire bathroom style.