PVC guardrail


PVC guardrail The PVC balcony guardrail is mainly used […]

PVC guardrail
The PVC balcony guardrail is mainly used for the isolation protection of the balcony of the residential area; it is installed by the socket type connector, which can greatly improve the installation speed. The universal joint connection makes the guardrail easy to be at any angle and along the slope or uneven ground. Installation in different directions, harder than wood, more elastic and high impact resistance than cast iron, long service life; service life is more than 30 years; delicate touch, green, simple and bright, can embellish the appearance of the building, let the environment More warm and comfortable. Linyi permanent metal products PVC balcony railings are the first choice for urban architecture.

1, variety of specifications, a variety of styles for you to choose, both European and American style and today's fashion, full of noble and modern beauty.
2, safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to people (animals), even if you do not intend to touch the guardrail, it will not hurt people like steel and iron guardrails.
3, no need for paint and maintenance, long-term and new, exempt from the fatigue and trouble of your maintenance, the lowest overall cost.
4, production and installation is simple and fast, using patented friction-type connection or proprietary connection accessories for installation, greatly improving installation efficiency.
5. The inner cavity of the guardrail is reinforced with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy, which has sufficient strength and impact resistance, so that the PVC guardrail has both the strength of steel and the beauty of PVC.
6, using special formula and special UV absorber, no fading, no yellowing, no peeling, no cracking, no foaming, no insects, the service life can reach more than 30 years.