Kitchen multi-function shelf


The shelf is more and more widely used in family life, […]

The shelf is more and more widely used in family life, and many kinds of household goods are more and more. So we need a shelf which can be rectified and placed. The design of shelf is very simple and generous, and it also has dexterity. So it is very useful for the shelf. The key is that it is conducive to the good acquisition of household goods. It does not take much effort to find; especially for small family kitchens, easy to make all kinds of acceptance pressure-free.
A wooden partition, can easily solve the kitchen's acceptance, and also appears very neat and beautiful. Another advantage of this method is that you don't have to worry about finding anything.
Categorize everything in the kitchen and find the right corner for it, instead of just putting it all in the hanging cabinet. This way, it should be more effective than the large hanging cabinet.
Those pot caps, bottles, cans and other kitchen utensils are handed over to this DIY shelf. Free collocation can satisfy all kinds of acceptance needs of you.
They can also be gathered in bamboo baskets, but there is a problem that the freshly washed chopsticks and spoons can not be drained.
With this kind of wood holes, as long as a wall, it can be summed up in an orderly manner.
These shelves feel that the kitchen at home will be particularly helpful to accept, clean kitchen is always the most pleasant, right?