Introduction to Installation Location of Floating Window Guardrail


Where is the better place to install the floating windo […]

Where is the better place to install the floating window guardrail? Many families will install the floating window now, so installing the floating window needs to install the floating window guardrail, but many people do not know where is the better place to install the floating window guardrail, so let's take a look at the relevant content about the installation location of the floating window guardrail.

I. Installation Location of Floating Window Guardrail
Floating windows are generally 45 centimeters high, so building windows are open. It is certainly inappropriate to install them outdoors to block the opening angle of flat doors.
It is stipulated in the architectural design standards that the floating window guardrail must be installed inside: when the height of the floating window sill is less than or equal to 0.45 meters, the height of the floating window guardrail should not be less than 0.9 meters from the window sill surface, that is, the height of the indoor installation.

2. Installation Location of Guardrail for Floating Window--Installation Method
1. Punch the pipe according to the drawings after cutting. Punch the T-shaped hole and the round hole in the vertical pipe. Install the I-card in the T-shaped hole. The round hole is the anti-theft screw.
2. The vertical pipe punches the gun head. The horizontal pipe punches the square hole first and then the round hole. The square hole is inserted into the vertical pipe, and the round hole pierces the anti-theft screw.
3. Surface treatment: phosphating + electrostatic spraying, the horizontal pipe is generally dark green or blue, and the vertical pipe is generally white.
4. Assembly: Prepare accessories, anti-theft screw nuts, decorative rings, I-card, waterproof pad, etc., and then assemble. Fix two vertical pipes through anti-theft screw and cross beam, fix them with anti-theft screw only, assemble a basic frame, then wear a vertical pipe, at the same time wear a waterproof pad on the vertical pipe, and then install them. I-shaped cards on the vertical pipe should be installed with decorative rings, and then anti-theft screw should be used to fix the interface between the vertical pipe and the cross beam.
5. Packaging: Generally, two pieces and one package, because the plastic content of electrostatic spraying is relatively thin, so it should be packed.

2. Installation Location of Guardrail for Floating Window--Attentions for Installation
1. The spacing between the column and the steel lining shall be the same as the design size to ensure that the pre-assembled semi-finished products can be connected with it.
2. Draw up and down two parallel lines from the whole straight line distance as the installation adjustment datum to ensure the flatness of the upper and lower ends of the guardrail after the completion of installation.
3. After the reinforcement parts of each key bearing part of the guardrail are allocated in place, only the crossbeams of the guardrail and the columns need to be connected and fixed in site construction.
4. If the guardrail transverse beam needs to be embedded in advance, it is necessary to determine the embedding point according to the drawings, find the level well, and then use the perforator. The diameter of the perforator is about 60 mm-83 mm, the depth is 50 mm, and the embedding cross beam is 30-50 mm.
5. After the guardrail enters the base hole, adjust the level of the beam, tilt, twist degree, and then plug the hole.
6. Re-check the installation effect and adjust the non-vertical or non-parallel. Clean the surface of guardrail, pay attention to protection.
The above introduction is about the installation location of window guardrail. I hope it will be helpful to you.