Introduction to family shelves


The multi-functional racks are made of high-carbon stee […]

The multi-functional racks are made of high-carbon steel and metal materials. They are flexible, unique, versatile and have a large load-bearing rack. Because of its open structure, it is a practical storage and storage in the family room. Sexual items.
What is a family shelf:
Household shelves are part of the shelf and are a type of shelf application. Shelves are used in industries, stores, supermarkets, bookstores, and homes. The structure of the rack:
(1) The raw material is carbon steel. Carbon steel is a very hard, tough metal material.
(2), the surface is the metal element chromium, chromium is a bright, wear-resistant, long-lasting chemical element. The surface can also be sprayed.
(3) The product is made of chrome-plated carbon steel.
There is a difference between A, the shelf and the stainless steel:
The difference one: stainless steel: easy to break, deformation. Carbon steel: A steel that is tough and hard.
Difference 2: The same point: no chemical products such as acid and alkali, fear of corrosion.