Installation of kitchen shelf


Several key points of the important test are as follows […]

Several key points of the important test are as follows:
The first is: convenient and practical, when installing shelves, we must install the whole layout of the kitchen and the needs of our daily life to install. Usually, the installation location that we need to use when cooking is not far from where we cook. In other words, we can reach the place where we can. We can install or place in the kitchen when we don't use it frequently. The vacant part.
The second is to save space, because the kitchen is a relatively small place in our family, so the installation of shelves must save space, reasonable use of our kitchen space location, such as in the kitchen wall, the back of the kitchen door and so on.
Thirdly, the classification is clear. When setting shelves, we should classify kitchen utensils. There are many kinds of shelves in the market, such as what cutter shelves, condiment shelves, drainage shelves (important is to place plates) and so on. They are installed in a reasonable position according to their different categories. Drainage rack can be installed next to the dishwasher, tool rack can be installed in the corner of the stove, condiment rack is installed near our fried vegetables.