I'd like a five story shelf like this, too


Modern decoration methods not only make the room beauti […]

Modern decoration methods not only make the room beautiful, but also more practical and convenient. For example, kitchen decoration, scientific decoration, cooking also began to become fun, but many people after the decoration said that the space in the kitchen is not enough, and the storage space is relatively small, since this is not as good as installing a five storey shelf in the kitchen, such The shelf is more practical. It can put a lot of things in it, and it is more convenient to take.
Rational use of space
Many people complain that the space in the kitchen is small and they dare not buy anything, because there is no place to put it. If there is such a worry, we might as well install a five storey shelf in the kitchen, so that some things in the kitchen can be placed on the shelf. Moreover, because there are more floors, the things placed on each floor can be classified and placed For example, seasoning is on the first floor, dishes and bowls are on the same floor, and some other small things are also placed in this way. The spoons and chopsticks in the home are placed in the corresponding positions, and those that can be hung are hung up. The overall space will become orderly because of this small shelf. There is no need to worry that the indoor space is not enough, and the external shelf is used When using, it's better to put it in a place that is not in the way, but convenient to take.
Shelf color
Many people ignore the appearance of the shelf when they buy the shelf in the kitchen. I don't know if you find it. Many people's shelves in their homes are very beautiful and exquisite. In fact, this kind of shelf with high appearance can also be owned at home, and the color of the shelf can be selected according to the decoration style of the kitchen, such as the decoration of the kitchen Repair style is more lively in the case, then the color of the shelf should also be refreshing, such as white, beige and so on.
Shelf structure
The structure of the shelf does not need to be very complicated, because its five storey shelf structure is already very prominent. If it is a little more complicated, it takes up extra space, and it looks wordy and strange, which does not conform to the decoration concept of modern people. Therefore, it is best to choose the one character shelf, which is easy to use and clear at a glance.
Five layer shelf is more practical in the shelf, but also more convenient to install, generally floor type, and there are many styles, but the most classic collocation or to say black and white shelf, such a shelf and indoor style can be more harmonious, also suitable for a variety of decoration styles to use this evening, in addition, installed in the kitchen, things It's also very convenient to take.