How to install the shelf and the installation principle


In the decoration of the house, many space area is rela […]

In the decoration of the house, many space area is relatively small, so it is necessary to install shelf, such as kitchen and toilet. For the choice of shelf, we still need to pay attention to, after all, the shelf shelf can greatly save space after installation, and has a good storage effect, especially suitable for some small family use. So what are the advantages of a shelf? How to install the shelf? In view of these problems, let's have a detailed understanding.
How to install the shelf?
When installing the shelf, you need to fix a position with a pencil first, then drill with a drill bit, and then fix screws or expansion screws. When installing, you can consider the installation required by daily life and choose the appropriate height and position. Generally in the kitchen will use more, according to our installation location and cooking habits to install.
If you are installing shelves in the bathroom, you should consider what you put. After all, the space in the bathroom is relatively small, so you should pay attention to it when installing. It is best to choose some shelves that can save space relatively.
Kitchen installation shelf, can be set according to the classification, shelf can be purchased in the market, according to different categories to place the shelf layer by layer, so that in daily life will be more handy, can facilitate our life.
What are the installation principles of shelf and shelf?
1. The principle of convenience and practicality. When installing the shelf, we must consider the needs of our daily life, especially pay attention to the indoor space layout. If it is installed in the kitchen, it is suggested that the shelf can be installed on the wall, which will be more convenient when cooking.
2. The principle of saving space. Kitchen and bathroom installation should pay attention to save space, reasonable use of our space location, kitchen and bathroom are relatively small places, so it is necessary to save space. Before the installation, we should inspect the site and select the appropriate size of the shelf, so that after the installation, it can not only look more harmonious, but also more practical.

For the installation of the shelf shelf, I believe you also have more understanding, in the installation, we still need to consider clearly. The above is about how to install the shelf shelf. Before installation, we must know more about it, pay attention to the specific details, and choose the appropriate shelf to ensure the overall aesthetics after installation, and also create a more comfortable living environment for the family.

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