How to choose kitchen seasoning shelf?


The kitchen is a place for cooking. Every time a delica […]

The kitchen is a place for cooking. Every time a delicacy is cooked, various condiments will be used. In addition, the kitchen also has various bowls, chopsticks, ladles, etc. if these kitchen appliances are not cleaned up, the space will become very messy, and it will be very troublesome to use them at ordinary times. Therefore, everyone likes to buy some kitchen shelves to place these kitchen appliances. There are many kinds of kitchen shelves on the market, so it's very convenient for us to choose. However, in consideration of the long-term use of the shelf, we must choose the one with good quality. Today, I'd like to introduce the selection method of kitchen seasoning rack.

See the material
We have to eat every day. The natural kitchen is used to cook all kinds of delicious food every day, which will lead to a lot of lampblack in the kitchen. Considering the problem of lampblack, the utensils used in the kitchen are easy to clean, and the same is true for the shelves in the kitchen. At present, there are many kinds of materials for kitchen shelves on the market, including stainless steel, carbon steel, etc., especially stainless steel, which is not easy to rust, easy to clean and high strength, so it is very convenient to use. Even if stained with heavy oil, as long as the use of professional detergent cleaning can be. But stainless steel shelves are more expensive, while carbon steel shelves are cheaper and have a long service life. You can choose according to your own needs.

See gravity
There are many kinds of seasonings used in the kitchen. To put all the seasonings on the shelf, the overall weight is still very heavy. For example, the commonly used bottle of raw soy sauce and soy sauce, the full bottle of seasonings add up to be very heavy. Therefore, we must consider its bearing capacity when selecting the shelf in the kitchen. Generally speaking, the bearing capacity of each floor of the household kitchen shelf is 30-50kg. When selecting the shelf, you can see the quality of the mesh. For example, you can see the welding process of the mesh. If the mesh is very dense, it is not easy to be bent. Naturally, you can place a lot of condiments. On the contrary, the density of moire is too large to put too much.

Look at the junction
Most of the shelves used in the kitchen are welded, so you can carefully look at the welding process of the shelves when you buy them. For example, smooth and impetuous welding means good quality of shelves. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the wall of the shelf is firm and not easy to deform, because the hardness of the wall is closely related to the overall bearing capacity of the shelf. Generally, the wall of high-quality shelf is about 0.8mm, while that of common shelf is about 0.4mm.

The use frequency of kitchen shelves is very high. We must choose high-quality shelves. Taking into account the continuous increase and decrease of seasoning in the kitchen, it is very important to select the bearing capacity of the shelf.