How to choose cabinet type according to homeware kitchen space


The shape of kitchen space is roughly four kinds, which […]

The shape of kitchen space is roughly four kinds, which determines to have scientific and beautiful configuration, in the selection of cabinets, we must take the right seat.
Today's kitchen has been given more functions by the times, it has gradually become a place for people to enjoy food and relax. When you drag your tired body into the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for your family, a comfortable and warm environment will make you feel energetic and happy. The area of kitchen in general residence is not very big, so, how to plan out kitchen function space reasonably in limited area is particularly important. And exquisite and practical kitchen design center is ambry, how to choose a set of considerate and full of modern breath ambry is particularly important. How to divide the cleaning area, cooking area and cooking area, and how to store the knives, dishes and seasonings will directly affect our work efficiency in the kitchen.

Shape strategy: what kind of kitchen choose what kind of cabinet
"-" font: most suitable for narrow space
The pattern of the kitchen is usually decided by the space, and the narrow kitchen usually adopts the "one" shape. European style cabinet designers believe that the straight-line structure is simple and clear, saving space, as long as according to their own habits of use, cooking, cleaning area from left to right or from right to left can be placed in turn. If the space is wide enough, the "two" type layout can also be considered. On one side of the narrow wall on both sides, the stove and cleaning area are arranged in turn, while the other side can be set as the cooking area or storage area.
Advantages: there is no obstacle to move around during operation, and each cabinet can be fully utilized and clear at a glance.
Disadvantages: the operating table is not generally rich, in addition, the cabinet is generally not too much, the family with a little more kitchen supplies may feel very inadequate.
"U" shape: the most integrated effect
"U" type cabinet should be a more mature choice. From the design point of view, the washing area, cooking area, operation area, storage area can be clearly divided, after all, the space is relatively wide. Shangpin kitchen cabinet designers think that this design is the most comfortable to use, all kinds of household appliances can be designed in general, and even can be used for the design of double water basins. The overall effect is also very in place, which can fill the whole space. The "U" shaped pattern requires that the kitchen has a larger area and has enough width. Generally, a larger kitchen suggests choosing such design or island Design.

Advantages: refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and even washing machines can be embedded in the cabinet, making the kitchen more integrated.
Disadvantages: shortcomings and "L" shaped cabinet similar, the emergence of two corners is more difficult to deal with, need to consider whether to join the corner pull basket.

"L" font: the most reasonable operation layout
The "L" shape, also known as semi enclosed layout, is the most widely used type at present, which is closely related to the division of kitchen space in the building code. According to pesti cabinet designer, general 4 to 6 square meters of kitchen, "L" type cabinet is the best choice. Its design is generally based on the site conditions, the basin and stove as far as possible placed on both sides of the L-shaped. If the kitchen is larger, it is recommended that the distance between the basin and the stove should be adjusted accordingly, generally 90 cm to 120 cm is appropriate. For some "L" type cabinets, the two layers of drawers under the cooking area are storage space, and the top drawer can form a multi-functional pull-out dining table after being pulled out, which becomes "F" shape, effectively expanding the kitchen space.

Advantages: can make full use of the operation space in the middle zone, and form a triangle area in the process of washing, cutting and frying, which is the most reasonable kitchen operation principle.
Disadvantages: the corner part of the wall cabinet and floor cabinet is easy to form a blind area for vision and use, and the applicable corner pull basket is mostly imported products with high price.
Island type: the most fashionable kitchen life
With the increasing of kitchen space, the traditional single line cabinet has been unable to meet the modern people's pursuit of the overall quality of the kitchen. According to paisti cabinet designer, there are two types of island platform type. One is the island platform connected with the whole cabinet, which can be used as the operating table or minimalist design. Instead of cabinet body under the island platform, it can put several bar chairs to provide a platform for the host to communicate with friends while operating; The other is an independent Island, such a design is more widely used in large kitchens. You can make an independent water basin on the island, an operating table or a bar for an electric ceramic stove.

Advantages: the kitchen is no longer a traditional sense of the kitchen, more like a place for communication and rest, so that cooks are no longer lonely, can reduce the boring feeling of work.
Disadvantages: the need for larger space, such as the kitchen is not wide enough, it is necessary to connect it with the living room, the overall investment is relatively high.

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