From the actual use of stainless steel overall cabinet advantages


As a subdivision market of the whole cabinet industry, […]

As a subdivision market of the whole cabinet industry, stainless steel cabinet is slowly on the road of rapid development. Different from the traditional wooden cabinets, stainless steel cabinets have great differences in terms of consumer orientation, price, quality and style. Stainless steel cabinet has a lot of advantages, as a consumer, choose a set of stainless steel cabinet in addition to considering the price, design style and so on, but also consider some other problems. So if from the perspective of use, what are the benefits of stainless steel cabinets? The author summarizes eight points.

1、 Environmental protection, real zero formaldehyde.
Using stainless steel plate as raw material of cabinet solves the environmental protection problem of board. Stainless steel does not have any formaldehyde, and whether the plate is E0 or E1 grade, there will definitely be formaldehyde release, because the manufacture of plate must use a glue that will release formaldehyde. Open any board cabinet, you will smell a smell of formaldehyde, but you can't smell any smell when you open the stainless steel cabinet. Environmental protection of the family is very important, and formaldehyde is an important source of environmental protection. If the formaldehyde content is too high, it will lead to leukemia in children, cancer and other symptoms in the elderly with poor immunity. If people live in formaldehyde environment for a long time, their body texture function will degenerate. According to the authoritative investigation, the kitchen is a serious disaster area that releases formaldehyde, accounting for 40% of the house decoration. Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly materials in the kitchen and its importance, directly affect the health of the family. Stainless steel cabinet to achieve real environmental protection, real zero formaldehyde.

2、 It is durable and can be used for 50 years or even a lifetime.
We dare not imagine and dare not luxury, a set of cabinets can be used for decades or even a lifetime, what's more, the pace of our life changes too fast, it's good to buy a set of cabinets to use for more than ten or twenty years. But a good stainless steel cabinet can really be a classic to use, never out of date. No brand that uses board dare to tell you that a set of cabinets is not bad for decades, but high-quality stainless steel cabinets can give you this answer. Like the high-end watch Patek Philippe, you are left with the classics of the next generation!

3、 It is waterproof, moisture-proof and acid-base resistant.
Traditional board cabinet is not easy to waterproof, moisture-proof, long-term in the wet or encounter water, will expand burst, encountered acid and alkali things will corrode, rotten. But good stainless steel cabinets do not have to worry about these problems, even if the faucet at home is broken, there will be no expansion of the board in case of water, and acid-base things will not be eroded. Stainless steel cabinet durable is precisely because of this good quality foundation.

4、 Prevent deformation and discoloration.
The board of traditional cupboard time is long, how much will happen to deformation, even when some products just leave the factory will be deformed, because the board is easy to be affected by temperature, humidity and environmental deformation. Another distressing problem is a set of very beautiful cabinets, used for a long time, the color has become more and more ugly, yellow, black, etc., become very ugly, how much affect our cooking mood. However, stainless steel cabinet because of the particularity of materials, is not deformation, in addition to non-human force folding, otherwise it will not produce physical deformation. Stainless steel has many colors, such as silver gray, silver white, golden yellow, dark blue, etc., which will not change color no matter whether it is windblown or stored for a long time. So, stainless steel cupboard did not have the use of traditional ambry trouble!

5、 Fire prevention and high temperature protection.
The cooking habits of Chinese are different from those of the West. The Western custom is mainly steaming and boiling, while the Chinese are mainly frying and frying. The fire is quite serious. Especially when the frying is going on, the flames are flying everywhere, and it may burn to the cupboard if you are not careful. Therefore, in the Chinese kitchen, if often cooking, the use of fire and high temperature materials is also very important. In particular, the stainless steel table is not afraid of high temperature, cracking, water seepage, etc. Stainless steel material is fireproof, anti high temperature material, stainless steel cabinet completely put an end to the use of insecurity, prolong the service life!

6、 Clean and sanitary, easy to clean.
The cabinet made of stainless steel, inside the cabinet is very clean, because unlike the board, it will absorb water, easy to mildew when damp, easy to hide dirt and produce bacteria. And stainless steel surface is very smooth, not afraid of scraping, easy to clean and sanitary, long-term use is still like New! So the storage of things is not afraid of disorderly, also not afraid of cleaning, not to worry about disorderly things and affect the use of cabinets.
7、 Safe and safe to use.
The cabinet door plate made of stainless steel will not be as heavy as the door plate made of plate. In some families, there have been incidents in which cabinet doors have fallen and injured people because they are broken. These doors are made of heavy density boards, which have been used for a long time. Due to the loose hinge, it is because it is too heavy. Especially for the high cabinet door panel, it needs two people to lift it. The door made of stainless steel is light, so it won't damage the hinge or close the door. The panel door often can not close the door, in addition to the door hinge hole is not accurate, but also with the door panel is too heavy leading to sagging.
8、 High grade, showing taste.
The stainless steel cabinet uses the metal automobile paint to make the product to be very high-grade, the family uses such product to be able to manifest this family's taste. Stainless steel belongs to the metal category, has a sense of massiness and firmness. In addition to the noble appearance of the famous car, no matter who wants to use the car's cabinet, there is a sense of nobility in the car's appearance!

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