Fashion home furnishing design?


1. Home appliances design I The birth of every creative […]

1. Home appliances design I
The birth of every creative home furnishings has the designer's efforts and inspiration, there are many artistic things hidden in it. There are few elements in the traditional design of household products, but there are some small differences in size and color.
Creative home furnishings are mainly in the form of cartoons, toys and other carriers to express some interesting shapes, or some classic stories. With humor, funny modeling deeply loved by young people. For example, a "four piece set of pig bathroom" will design soap box, toothbrush box, hand sanitizer bottle and rubbing towel into pink and lovely pig shapes, so that you can enter the bath every time
Room, there will be a warm, a leisure want to accompany, a day of work fatigue also get some relief.
2. Home appliances design II
Comparatively speaking, the price of creative household products will be slightly higher than that of traditional household products. This is mainly due to their high design and production costs, small production volume and limited sales volume. It's understandable that rare things are more expensive. The main consumers of creative household products are urban people aged 10-40. At this stage, friends are at the forefront of thinking, curious and opposite to each other
The living environment has higher requirements, the pursuit of fashion, more importantly, the economic strength of friends at this stage is also relatively strong, do not care to spend a few small money to equip their own home bright, creative.