Characteristics of Zinc Steel Balcony Bar and Its Installation Procedures


Preparations for installation of balcony railings of zi […]

Preparations for installation of balcony railings of zinc steel
1. Check all installation tools before construction.
2. Check whether the fittings are complete by comparing the contents of the fittings list one by one.
II. Balcony Guardrail Zinc Steel Balcony Bar Assembly
1. First of all, it is necessary to prevent scratches on the surface of the guardrail in the process of assembling the guardrail. The construction site should be covered with smooth carpets or soft paper mattresses.
2. When connecting the horizontal bar with the vertical bar, the protective cover of the vertical bar is placed in the hole A of the horizontal bar, and the protective cover is fixed on the horizontal bar by tapping with a rubber hammer. In hole A inserting the vertical bar into the horizontal bar from the other end to the other end (the hole of the bored vertical bar should be in the same direction as the hole on the horizontal bar), lock the anti-removal screw on the bored vertical bar. When installing the connecting block on the column, it is necessary to pay attention to that the adjacent column only has one directional connecting block.
3. When connecting the face tube with the pillar, we should draw a line according to the size of the drawing to determine the position on the face tube, fix the self-tapping screw together, cover the face tube in one way, tap it tightly with a rubber hammer, and punch a pull nail on the side of one way.

III. Installation of Zinc Steel Balcony Bar of Zinc Steel Fence
1. First of all, the construction site should be treated at the base level, because the installation of railings and pillars should not be crisp, and the installation elevation should meet the design requirements. The rough areas must be removed or repaired smoothly. The honeycomb surface of the base at the over-concave level should not be repaired with cement mortar. The high-strength concrete should be used to repair, and only after a certain strength, can it be used. Row Bar Installation
2. Fixed the surface tube accurately and correctly. Locate the installation card of the surface tube according to the height of the drawing. Draw the line and expand the screw. Fixed the surface tube on the wall, and then pull the nail to fix the surface tube.
3. At last, when installing the column, first lay out the line at the base level, determine the position of the fixed point of the column, then drill with a percussion drill, and install expansion screw. After the screw is fixed, when tightening the screw, two people should cooperate. One person holds the column to keep it vertical (with a level ruler), and can not shake when tightening the screw, the other person tightens the screw around.