Brief introduction and application scope of dirty clothes basket


Dirty clothes basket is used to collect laundry, clean […]

Dirty clothes basket is used to collect laundry, clean and sanitary, or to help children organize and accept toys furniture, simple and convenient, foldable, save space.

Texture of material
The spray-moulded iron pipe is made of Oxford cloth (polyester) material. There are sound insulation pads under the spray-moulded iron pipe and leather pads for each screw. High density fabrics.
Assembly method
1. Check all accessories of the product: 2 elbows, 4 straight tubes, 1 cloth cover, 1 package of screw accessories (2 screws, 2 gaskets, 2 nuts).
2. Sleeve the cloth into two elbows.
3. Take out four straight pipes and put them into the elbow with the screw holes respectively. Then the two pipes are crossed and separated by gaskets. Then they are loaded into the screw and nut and assembled.
Scope of application
Dirty baskets, now also known as dirty baskets. It can be used not only as dirty clothes, but also as household sundries, such as toys, books, newspapers, sundries and so on. Now there are many materials for dirty clothes baskets. Oxford cloth is recommended because it is more breathable. Ordinary Oxford cloth is 600D thick, with a waterproof layer inside.
After using the dirty clothes basket, the room will not be messed up by dirty clothes. At the same time, the dirty clothes basket will save water to some extent.