Balcony railing common types


Balcony railings are the beautification and protection […]

Balcony railings are the beautification and protection of the outer edge of the balcony
The alloy tubing is welded or assembled. The common low window sill is about 0.5 meters away from the ground. If the 0.4 m guardrail or fence is added close to the inner wall, the protective measures required by the specification must be met. If the window sill is too large, such as a bay window, the child often stands on the window sill and the user must stand on the window sill to open the window. At this time, the height of the guard rail attached to the window sill should be 0.9 meters.

Round tubes (∮16, ∮19, ∮22), square tubes (22, 25), color steel (internal and external hot-dip galvanized seamless steel), color aluminum (aluminum-magnesium alloy seamless profile 1.2 mm).

Common species
Wrought iron balcony railing
The iron balcony railings feel more classical, with larger changes, more patterns, and styles of ancientism. With the promotion of modern architecture, the use of wrought iron balcony railings is temporarily low, which is a trend in society.
Aluminum balcony railing
The aluminum alloy guardrail is one of the latest guardrail materials. Aluminum alloy is famous for its unique advantages of “no rusting” and has gradually become used by major constructions. The balcony is a place where children often move. The safety of the guardrail is still important. After the surface of the aluminum alloy guardrail is sprayed with powder, it will not rust and will not cause light pollution. It can be used for a long time; the new technology interspersed and welded between the tube and the tube makes it safer. Light weight, impact resistance (aircraft are all aluminum alloy materials); aluminum alloy fences have become the main product of the building, and the use of this product in China has also increased year by year.