Balcony guardrail in scenic spot related production process


1. Process flow: Construction preparation (familiar wit […]

1. Process flow:
Construction preparation (familiar with drawings, reconnaissance site) lofting calculation of blanking sheet cutting punching electrostatic spraying solidification cooling (30 minutes) packaging transportation whole assembly line operation to synchronously protect semi-finished products. Balcony guardrail
2. Main construction methods:
(1) Familiar with drawings and reconnaissance of the site before construction;
(2) Selecting the material required by the design according to the drawings;
(3) According to the design drawings and on-site lofting, the size of each component can be accurately checked.
(4) After the above conditions are met, the assembly line operations such as blanking are carried out accurately according to the lengths of various rods.
(5) Packing marking the dimensions of semi-finished products and the parts used for easy installation.
3. Quality technical requirements and material requirements:
1) The manufacture and installation of glass railings must meet the requirements of the current relevant national standards and relevant quality acceptance standards, and ensure that they pass the inspection and acceptance by the relevant state departments.

2) Construction shall be carried out in accordance with relevant national acceptance standards to ensure the quality and installation effect of the project to meet the requirements of Party A and the owners. Zinc steel balcony railings
4. Quality matters needing attention:
1) Deep understanding and familiarity with design drawings;
2) Material selection is strictly in accordance with the requirements of design drawings;
3) Check the dimensions of components accurately;
4) In the process of processing, transportation and installation, special attention should be paid to light handling and good protection of semi-finished products and finished products.
Maintenance of balcony guardrail
1. Generally speaking, the outdoor guardrail does not affect its anti-corrosion and anti-rust function, but if there is fog weather and South wind, dry cotton cloth should be used to remove the droplets on the guardrail in time. If it is rainy, the water on the guardrail should be wiped off after the rain stops, and the zinc steel guardrail should be well waterproof.

2. In order to avoid metal rusting, the guardrail can be regularly wiped with cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of rust-proof oil or sewing machine oil, and adhere to the steel railings as bright as new. If it is found that the railings have rust spots at the beginning, cotton yarn should be dipped in machine oil as soon as possible, so that rust can be removed, and sandpaper and other rough surface data should not be directly used to stop polishing, which will destroy the surface of the guardrail rust layer, leading to large areas of rust.
3. Most of the guardrails are used outdoors. Outdoor dust is flying and floating dust will appear on the zinc steel guardrails over the years, which directly affects the gloss and aesthetics of the guardrails. Because the long-term erosion of wind and sand will directly lead to the damage of the protective film on the surface of the guardrails, it is necessary to regularly wipe the outdoor zinc steel guardrail facilities, generally to be soft. It's better to wipe the cotton fabrics. Some small galvanized guardrail manufacturers because of cost savings, galvanized thickness can not meet the standard, so it is easy to be wear and tear the protective layer, thus rusting the guardrail endangers safety. Zinc steel fence
4. Do not scratch the surface coating of balcony guardrail with sharp objects. Generally speaking, the coating is to prevent the guardrail from rusting and corrosion. If you need to remove a part of the guardrail, you must remember to install and fix the remaining parts, prevent children from climbing on the balcony and playing, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of falling down and improve the balcony. Safety factor of platform.