Analysis of why zinc steel balcony guardrail is not easy to rust


Zinc steel balcony guardrail because of its anti-corros […]

Zinc steel balcony guardrail because of its anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance is very good, many people may have a misunderstanding. So it's a big mistake not to protect them after they're all generated. Why does the balcony guardrail of zinc steel not rust, the reason is not rust, because it has several layers of protection, zinc layer, polyurethane coating, if you remove the two layers of maintenance, you will find that the balcony guardrail of zinc steel is also rusty, so after the production of the balcony guardrail of zinc steel, or to carry out certain maintenance and disposal of the party I used before leaving the factory all the film treatment, paste. Membrane is for the purpose that it is not easy for you to scratch the coating on the surface when you install it, just like waxing a car. What problems should you pay attention to before and when the installation is completed to maintain the balcony guardrail of zinc steel? Before the installation, you must pay attention not to let the water in the pipe enter, strictly speaking, it should be water intake and water storage, because although the hot galvanized pipe is double-sided galvanized, there is no maintenance of spraying coating inside as it is outside, and only maintenance of zinc coating inside. It does not matter that your water dries up on it immediately, but if it is soaked in water, plus gas. If the temperature is relatively high, it is easy to oxidize frost.
New balcony guardrail for a long time inside the iron base material has the possibility of rusting, may say that if the galvanized layer is good, it will not be so much, but some tell you that he used a good galvanized layer may really be a problem, so I told you not to test your material, it is better not to give it oxidation conditions. This is the storage time to pay attention to and then it is the device as far as possible do not scratch the coating, if you can choose the right color, the best choice is to use pencil hardness good color. After the installation, you'd better dispose of the surface mud and stains in time, and the oxalic acid which washes the exterior wall should also be cleaned up in time. The powder of the general manufacturer is resistant to this, but the oxalic acid has an effect on the coating. If the coating is bright color, it's better to tear off the film on the exterior of the guardrail of the zinc steel balcony after the installation, otherwise when exposed to high temperature. It is very difficult to tear off the film and stick it to the device which will not damage the coating but will have an impact on the surface effect. After that, it is better to protect the finished product and wrap it with bubble film or other information.
Zinc steel balcony railings are a new type of railings for upgrading and upgrading. Balcony zinc steel guardrail. Because of these advantages of zinc steel balcony guardrail, this product has been very popular in the market at present. With the growth of the whole market and the increase of publicity, zinc steel will be a very popular industry in the future. Because of its distinctive features, simple style, economical and practical technology, it occupies a place in modern decoration.